Executive Committee

Louise Hunt

Louise Hunt - Lushington


Louise is your go to person if you want to know what is happening in the TYP scene.
Joining as a way to network and meet people in different industries, she quickly fell in love with what TYP had to offer.
The ultility and enjoyment attained from the mix of Social and Business events held each month has drawn her to become a member of the team that creates the aforementioned fantastic events.

In 2018 she takes on the committee role of Membership, hoping to continue reach the young working crowd of Taranaki to allow them to benefit from all the society has to offer.

Outside of TYP, Louise is the Sales and Marketing Manager at Lushington Jackets.
She has two Jack Russels.

Sam Tait

Sam Tait - Methanex

Social Events

Sam is a Taranaki local, growing up in the region before moving to Christchurch to study mechanical engineering. He moved back in 2010 on a six month contract with Methanex New Zealand Ltd. and has remained in Taranaki and at Methanex ever since. He joined TYP as he saw it as a great opportunity to meet with other young professionals looking to make the most of their life in Taranaki, both at work and at play. This year he has joined the committee as a Social Events Coordinator and is looking to increase the variety of social events hosted by TYP. When he’s not at work or organising social events, Sam spends most of his spare time enjoying the many outdoor activities on offer in the region. In particular he likes to go surfing, skiing, and mountain biking, sometimes all in the same day!

Nicole  Sullivan

Nicole Sullivan - BDO


Nicole has a longstanding history of service to her community, ranging from tutoring to girl guide leading.
Along with this passion for service she has experience in treasury roles, having stepped down from the BDO Social Club this year in order to put her focus towards the TYP role.

We are stoked to have her friendly face, organisational prowess, and financial skills on the committee.

The major drivers for her in life are sporting and social. Fortunately for her, the TYP events calendar is full of events that will cater for this.

Portia Smith

Portia Smith - PwC


Portia has found TYP to be an inviting and thought-provoking environment where she has learnt many skills useful to life as a young worker.
This was all she hoped for, and more.
Having benefited so greatly from this, she has decided to pay it forward by joining the committee in order to develop TYP further.

While on the clock she works as an Associate Accountant at PwC in the Financial Advisory Services team.
In her spare time she has developed a keen eye for photography and a keen palate as an aspiring food critic.

John Fernando

John Fernando - Department of Conservation

Social Events

Moving here at the end of 2014, John quickly realised that, being an outdoors man, the Taranaki Region had all he could want and more. One reason for choosing to come to Taranaki was the existence of TYP, as he saw it as a route for meeting a diverse range of young folk. He joined TYP - and this year has become a social events rep, due to a mixture of having an interest in expanding the diversity of members and peer pressure.

If you want to find him, go check in the Kaitakes, Pouakais, the slopes of Mount Taranaki or in the Parininihi Reserve.
If you don't find him there, then check in the walk-in craft beer fridge at The Hour Glass.

Chelsea Sait

Chelsea Sait - TSB


Dr. Seuss once said: “You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose.” He was talking about Miss Sait.

She is a whizz-kid when it comes to communicating innovative ideas and concepts. Her wealth of experience from her time as a Digital Marketing Specialist at TSB makes the rest of the TYP commitee excited about the direction that Chelsea is going steer our online and offline presence.

If questioned, Chelsea would likely state the major benefits available from TYP include not only getting insights, tips and advice from some of the region's top business leaders - but also connecting with people at the similar levels as oneself.

On Sunday afternoons you will find her doing arts and crafts whilst listening to records alongside her adopted cat León.

Sean Maskill

Sean Maskill - Auld Brewer Mazengarb & McEwen


President Sean Maskill gained ascendancy this year to the premier position after being involved in the organisation since he arrived in Taranaki as a young professional. In 2017 he excelled in the role of social officer - this man knows a dance move or two.

Simply put, his life until this point has been dedicated to acquiring the range of skills required for TYP presidency. Many argue that this will be the pinnacle of his career.
He has a strong vision for TYP (see statement) and the leadership skills to make this happen - seeing TYP having huge potential to contribute to Taranaki be an even greater place to live, work and play than it already is.

The membership of TYP can be assured that it is in good hands based on the following extract from Sean's Christchurch pre-school report card.
'Sean has displayed a profound aptitude for mediation of playground issues such ownership rights of toys and breakdown of best-friend relationships. He has also represented the union strongly, working towards longer nap times'.
Sean also holds a degree from Canterbury University School of Law.
Outside of TYP, he is an Associate at Auld Brewer Mazengarb & McEwen.

Sean has represented New Zealand in the sport of handball, is a keen (little-garden) gardener, and connoisseur of pancakes.

Rebekah Lock

Rebekah Lock - Staples Rodway Taranaki


Through joining TYP committee, Rebekah hopes to play a part in the growth of the society for the benefit the young people of Taranaki both professionally and socially- this that she has seen personally as a member.
We are pleased to have her in our marketing role alongside Chelsea.

Outside of TYP, she works at Staples Rodway Taranaki in the Marketing and Administration team.

Exercising and spending time with family & friends are what she finds herself doing in her downtime.

Abbie White

Abbie White - Taranaki Chamber of Commerce

Business Events

We are pleased to have Abbie onboard as one of our Business representatives. She has wisely joined TYP as a she sees it as a stepping block for furthering her career as a businesswoman in Taranaki. She brings enthusiasm, determination and experience to what is a challenging and rewarding role.

Outside of TYP, she works at the Taranaki Chamber of Commerce as the Client Services Coordinator, taking care of all the marketing and communications.

While not spending her time doing the above - she enjoys being involved in local and national politics, playing netball, quality family time and being outside exploring our beautiful region.